Windowsill Cactus specializes in cactus varieties as 4-season houseplants.

Bare-root Plants & Cactus Growing Medium

All plants are shipped Bare-root, and globular cacti are shipped with growing medium but no flower pots. Globular cacti orders include a separate bag of growing medium to use for potting the Bare-root plant. The growing medium is NEW cactus soil. Epiphyte cacti and all other plant varieties are shipped Bare-root, but with NO growing medium or flower pot. These plants will do very well on most any house plant potting mixes which are available in greenhouses.

Our Globular Cactus Growing Medium

We changed our recipes for cactus growing medium and seed starting medium to make them greener. The reason for this change it to eliminate the use of volcanic rock materials like obsidian and perlite. Our hope to contribute to a greener world and bring less pressure on our earth's limited resources of light weight volcanic rocks.

The organic processing time is being changed from 2 to a 3 year process, and this 3.1 version will become available in August of 2015. Ingredients are; pea size gravel of mostly lit color rocks, iron oxidized quartz, quartzite and aged oak leaves (aged using organic gardening methods). Most of the cacti we've tested in our new medium are; Mammillaria, Astrophytum and Ariocarpus with results that these plants are outgrowing cacti in our older recipes.

Bulk cactus growing medium is available on our cactus soil page.

We thought seed starting medium would become available as early as the summer of 2014, but will still need a few more years of development and testing.

We have been caring for all cactus and succulent plants organically using organic gardening methods. However, because of one species of insect commonly known as, root mealy bugs we now make one exception and use one non-natural product which we now include in our on our insect control information page.

Seeds may be purchased year round.

We are no longer shipping plants in the months of December through April, and spring is more at risk now for cold periods in the uper mid west because of the warming Pacific Ocean.

Succulents and cactus plants are especially beautiful and intriguing for anyone who loves to keep house plants in their living spaces. In a four seasons climate home it is almost impossible for succulents including cacti to grow as they would in natural habitat, but many varieties will do well with care. Our hope is to contribute to the understanding of growing these species as house plants and to serve people who are dedicated to their plants as long term companions.


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