Cactus Growing Medium and Seed Starter 4.0

Cactus Metamorphosis Globular Growing Medium

This new Growing Medium/Seed Starter will become available again in the summer of 2017.

Help avoid the destruction of rare volcanic formations and use our cactus growing medium that is made of more common rock types and renewable ingredients.

This our 4.0 growing medium and is very different from all previous versions because it is also a seed starting medium.

The new recipe we are developing for cactus growing medium has been inspired from what we’ve learned by growing Pediocactus simpsonii var. minor. Most cacti resume healthy growth shortly after being transplanted, but a few varieties like Pedios have a transplant recovery time that can take years. This new growing medium can stay with the plant from the germination of seeds through the entire lifetime of the plant. Seedlings started in this new medium can continue to grow into increasing flower pot sizes keeping the roots protected by the soil. This new recipe works both as a seed starting medium and a cactus growing medium mainly for globular cactus plants.


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