Cactus Growing Medium and Seed Starter 4.0

Cactus Metamorphosisenips Globular Growing Medium

One Medium Flat Rate Box

Help avoid the destruction of rare volcanic formations and use our cactus growing medium that is made of more common rock types and renewable ingredients.

Cactus Growing Medium and Seed Starter


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The amount of medium is about 10 quarts or 2 and one half gallons per box, and the approximate box dimensions are 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".

This our 4.0 growing medium and is very different from all previous versions because it is also designed as a seed starting medium.

Our new 4.0 medium has been developed mostly from experimenting with Pediocactus simpsonii var. minor, and we have tried our medium on a wide range of cactus species. We have tried growing seeds and cacti in a wide range of ingredients for over 10 years, but have tried to avoid using rare volcanic rock materials like obsidian and pumice. The lighter weight volcanic materials are increasingly in demand and rare rock formations have to be destroyed to make these materials available for horticulture use. The more common rock forms we are using include; clean sand, granite and quartzite while the small amounts of organic materials are derived from a renewable source. Fallen tree leaves are subjected to a 3 year fermentation process to produce the organic material component of the seed starting medium. Our work on discovering what increases cactus seedling survival has been done by testing and observation, rather than adhering to what has been written about cactus growing materials in books and on the web. After over 10 years of work our new material produces higher survival rates in Pediocactus simpsonii var. minor this, and this medium has been subjected to the growing experiences of many other species of cactus seeds too. We have only tested less than 200 other species with Metamorphosisenips, and they grew with better results than any other previously tried materials. Less than 200 adult globular cactus species have also been potted in Metamorphosisenips and these plants are thriving. Longer periods of observation are still happening and continuing to look for ways to improve cactus growing and seed starting medium will continue, but our 4.0 material is out preforming all earlier materials.


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