Coryphantha robustispina

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21 Coryphantha robustispina seeds


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Coryphantha robustispina

3spine.gif Five-Spine Rating - 3?

Yes - small container size plant. This variety will occupy a small flower pot comfortably and remain a manageable sized house plant.

This variety will do their best as houseplants with lots of sun and they become stressed with inadequate light which could result in poor health or even death.

Yes - does well with cool winter time temperatures. This variety will tolerate temperatures down below 50 °F. if the roots are kept dry, and will do very well in a home with energy saving thermostat setting.

Yes - easy care root system. This variety stores water in the parts of the plant which are above the soil leaving the root system small enough to fit into a proportionally sized flower pot.

This variety is unlikely to flower as a house plant and they should be chosen with flowering as a low priority.

good locations

Potential living space locations include; East, West windows with direct sun, a South window or a three to four seasons room and will grow better with more sun. This species will tolerate very cool days and cold nights, but will need the temperatures to remain above 0 °F. If this variety is to be set outdoors during the growing season it needs to be in a location with plenty of sun and will tolerate lots of rain.

This is a very cold tolerant cactus and should do very well in a dry zone 6 climate. Keeping this plant in a colder wetter climate will require a dry winter. They can get fungal infections in cold wet conditions, but will survive severe cold with dry soil.


These cacti grow about 4 inches wide and up to 6 inches high, and usually have fairly large yellow flowers. They are sometimes given the common name of, 'Pineapple Cactus', or 'Pima Pineapple Cactus'.


Texas, New Mexico and Chihuahua, Mexico

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Purchase price includes 21 Coryphantha robustispina seeds.

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