Propagated Gasteria Plants

This genus of succulent plants grows in South Africa and they may grow anywhere from three inches to three feet in diameter depending on the species. They bloom in the fall usually in pinkish or yellow orange colors, and are likely to flower as house plants. They make a tall stalk with a row of small individual flowers, and these flowers look like puffy stomach shaped balloons. They need a window location with a little direct sun, tolerate cool winter temperatures, and do well with low light levels. They grow mostly during the cool winter months and need plenty of water, but it's best to avoid soaking them. An easy and effective watering strategy is to give them small amounts of water on a weekly basis. Of all of the succulent varieties this is one of the best and easiest care plant to grow in a four seasons climate home.

Gasteria can survive a wide range of desperate conditions like too much or too little water, but as with other plants they will live better with good care. They will do well with plenty of water in the growing seasons, and then only occasional small amounts of water in the winter months. When temperatures are cooler these plants go into a period of rest and dry soil will keep them healthier and help avoid fungal infections on their roots. They will tolerate a wide range of light conditions, but will look their best growing in filtered sun light. Prolonged exposure to direct sun light may damage their leaves and give them a less colorful appearance.

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Gasteria "Little Warty"

Gasteria Photos:


Gasteria flowers


Gacteria waxy appearance


Gasteria sandy appearance


Gasteria cluster


Gasteria mat finish


Gasteria 3 small plants


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