Gymnocalycium saglionis

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21 Gymnocalycium saglionis seeds

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Gymnocalycium saglionis

5spine.gif Five-Spine Rating - 5?

Yes - small container size plant. This variety will occupy a small flower pot comfortably and remain a manageable sized house plant.

Yes - tolerates low light levels. This variety will do well as a houseplant in locations with short periods of direct sun and some indirect or filtered light.

Yes - does well with cool winter time temperatures. This variety will tolerate temperatures down below 50 °F. if the roots are kept dry, and will do very well in a home with energy saving thermostat setting.

Yes - easy care root system. This variety stores water in the parts of the plant which are above the soil leaving the root system small enough to fit into a proportionally sized flower pot.

Yes - flowers easily as a house plant. This variety is likely to flower as a house plant, but results will depend on a variety of growing conditions.

good locations,

These seeds need very wet conditions with day time temperatures to be in the 80s and night time temperatures to fall into the 60s. The seedlings are very small and remain small for a few years, but they begin to grow faster after the first few years. The seedlings are small and fragile enough to need water frequently, and they thrive in wet warm conditions. The seedlings will have less risk of fungal infections if they are allowed to dry out between being in fully wet soil.

Gymnocalycium saglionis is sometime called, "Giant Chin Cactus" which is its common name.

These plants grow well under artificial plant lighting, and long exposures to the full force of sunlight should be avoided. If the seedlings are kept in sunlight they will do well on plenty of filtered light, because too much intense sun can damage the skin. This species will survive brief exposures to freezing conditions, but will need the temperatures to remain above 25 °F. If this variety is to be set outdoors during the growing season it needs to be in a location with filtered sun with only a few hours of direct sun, and will tolerate lots of rain. Keeping saglionis outdoors as seedling may require at least 30% shade cloth for protection from rain and sun.


Gymnocalycium saglionis remains a single stem plant and is perhaps the largest growing cactus in the generic. Very old plants can grow about a foot across and a few feet tall.



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Purchase price includes 21 Gymnocalycium saglionis seeds.

Plants are available at Gymnocalycium saglionis plant page

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